Luxurious Glow™ Electric LED Facial Sculpting Gua Sha

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Take your Gua Sha game to the next level with our 4-in-1 sculpting tool. The Luxurious Glow™ rejuvenation device is the perfect combination of gua sha, relaxing heat, massaging vibrations and LED red-light therapy. Combining four top-of-the-line technology features for maximum results and glowing skin from within!

Facial Sculpting x LED Light Therapy x Massaging Vibrations x Heat Therapy

Key Benefits:

  • Firms and massages the face
  • Reduces facial tension and stress
  • Increases collagen production
  • Aids in the penetration of skincare products
  • Promotes and activates lymphatic drainage
  • Improves facial texture
  • Gives the skin a healthy, luminous glow

What It Does:

  • Facial Sculpting: Soothes and alleviates tension in overworked facial + jaw muscles, tones and lifts the complexion, shifts toxins and blockages, tightens and firms the skin, defines the cheekbones
  • Red LED Light Therapy (700nm): With healing properties proven by NASA, red LED light helps boost collagen production, increases fibroblast production, and rejuvenates the skin while reducing inflammation and reducing fine lines
  • Heat Therapy: With a temperature of up to 107 degrees Fahrenheit, this tool delivers soothing heat which dilates the blood vessels, accelerates blood circulation, helps relax the facial muscles and helps achieve a healthy 
  • Massaging Vibrations: With over 8000 RPM (revolutions per minute), sonic vibrations massage the face, provide deep tissue rejuvenation and aid in product penetration + absorption 



1. Vibration + LED

2. Heating + LED 

3. Heating + Vibration 

4. Heating + Vibration + LED